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In 2015 while on a flight to Yangon for the Burma Superstar cookbook, photographer John Lee and I started talking about how much we loved Armenian food. I had only met John a couple of times before this flight, but you can find out a lot about someone when you're stuck in an airplane for hours. I explained that I had written an entire research paper about the Armenian food and cultural identity as an undergraduate at UCDavis. John filled me in on his recent trip to Yerevan, Armenia's capital, where he taught a food photography workshop to Armenian high-school kids through an amazing after-school education organization called TUMO. Could we turn John’s initial inspiration into a cookbook? After many weeks of talking to other people about Armenian food, John met Ara Zada, a chef in Southern California. Ara is Armenian-American and grew up going to Armenian school though seventh grade. The team started to take shape: Me, the cookbook writer; John, the photographer; and Ara, the chef. 

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